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Pamir Central Asia is a Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan based full service adventure travel Company, founded and run by local people and is one of the main tour operators of the Pamirs Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
We specialize in individual and group tailor-made tours along the Silk Road, cultural tours, eco trekking and mountaineering expeditions around Central Asia and can provide all travel services in Central Asian destinations.
Pamir Central focuses on responsible tourism maximizing the benefits for the local tourism products, employing local guides, drivers, choosing to work with locally owned business and linkages with other tourism organizations, as well as exploring business potential related to the sustainable management of natural resources.

Our tours combined on 15 top unique tourism destinations in Central Asia:

Our trips are designed to offer a mix of active adventure, culture, wildlife, and sightseeing and there is also time to relax and explore for yourself – the balance is just right.

We provide activities with plenty of choice, so you can select a trip with as much activity, or as little, as you wish. Rather than specify the tours we believe our guests prefer to put together their own itinerary with help from our team. So we’ve included some ideas below which you might want us to package together for you…


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