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Pamir Central Asia – Responsibly can organize all possible tours in Tajikistan, Pamir and Central Asia Destinations, Our company is a group of Asian travel agencies, central offices of which are located in Murghab (Tajikistan), Kara Balta (Kyrgyzstan); there are also representative offices and partners in each republic of Central Asia.

Pamir Central Asia has a long-term experience of successful work in the sphere of arranging of Asia tours of various types. We can realize a trip in any region of Central Asia, including mountain trips and guided tours about the ancient towns, full of UNESCO World Heritage sites. That is why we are ready to make possible the most unusual and fascinating travel plans along the ancient route of the former Great Silk Road.

The advantage of work with us is in the fact that when appealing to Pamir Central Asia you get opportunity to book the group or tailor-made tour, which may consist of visiting not just one, but all the countries of Central Asia what will help you to save time for long searching of local operators in each country. Besides, there is an individual approach to each client in our practice and any of our tours can be edited in accordance with your requests and wishes. We are proud to work together and can give assurances of high level services for our guests.

Our goal is responsibility organize tours around Central Asia

Our friendly team of experienced specialists, managers and guides are always ready to help you to organise tours on request in Tajikistan and throughout Central Asia. Tours offered can begin in Dushanbe, Bishkek or Tashkent or Almata. On our tours we give all our guests the opportunity to experience something completely different, your own adventure, and thereby giving you the tour you want at a price you can afford.
We have a deep and long-standing bond with the amazing countries of Central Asia. We want, you to experience the beauty of the arched mosques and mudbrick minarets, as well as the fabulous bazaars piled with pomegranates and vivid handloomed carpets. And we want to introduce you to the amiable people who live among these treasures. We visit ruined forts from the days of the old Silk Road, and pass gem mines mentioned by Marco Polo. Our tours runs through the Pamir Highway, Pamir Mountains have long been known as ‘the roof of the world’, a region of utterly breathtaking scenery and home to a fascinating melange of cultures. This is an ‘Expedition’ trip and we hope to expose you to all aspects of the local culture. Please be open-minded. The easiest way to overcome any problems is to be open-minded and bring with you “The Spirit of Adventure”!
Take a look at your options, from small group escorted tours to independent trips, from luxury rail journeys to custom and private travel:

Founder of Pamir Central Asia

Pamir Central Asia – Is a new company which has been set up by the founder of META, the Murghab Eco-Tourism Association. Read more about META’s founder Ubaidulla Mamadiev and the background to the organization.

Pamir Central Asia focuses on commercial activities maximizing the benefits for the local population by developing tourism products and linkages with other tourism organizations, as well as exploring business potential related to the sustainable management of natural resources.

Our joint vision and goals:

We want tourism to have a positive social, economic and environmental impact on the livelihood of local people and their cultures.

Founder of META (Murghab Ecotourism Association) and owner (Pamir Highway Adventure and also Pamir Central Asia companies) UBAIDULLA MAMADIEV




    “The trip has met all expectations and everyone is very happy. The guide was great and all the other drivers too. Normally the drivers are used to just get from A to B, but they also enjoyed the trip. It was a good tour group, with very experienced travelers and less experienced travelers. We have seen many unusual plants, of which we only dreamed of. Thanks again for all your efforts! Thank you very much for organizing the trip through Tajikistan. Everything worked very well and we had a great time there.”
    Blini Reizen

    “Taalay was an excellent driver and guide. His driving was very safe and he did everything to make our time worthwhile. Please extend our gratitude to him” (Johannes M)
    Johannes M

    “The feedback is excellent so we thank you kindly for giving our clients such a great experience of the Pamir region.”

    Undiscovered Destinations Tour group

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